Born and raised on the West Coast of Canada, I have always had a
passion for the beautiful, natural world that surrounds us and am
endlessly inspired by it.

We supply sustainable, ethical and high quality clothing that is hand
printed (silk screened) by me in my home studio.

All the clothing is made ethically here in Canada. I draw and design
all of the artwork by hand, and then print my designs onto clothing
or even reclaimed wood to create sustainable art for your home or

I am a self taught artist and have been drawing since I can remember,
until just 4 years ago my sister suggested that I learn how to screen
print so I can duplicate my art and make it wearable!

So I ordered all the supplies, taught myself how to screen print
(with many mistakes) and had a baby in that time too! I just quit my
full-time job October 2015 to pursue my dreams! I now sell all over
the lower mainland and the island at MANY markets as well as supply
wholesale orders to shops all over BC.


I use water based inks for all my printing. We love the earth and try to
leave no carbon footprint and strive to be as sustainable as possible.

We also advocate and raise money for many environmental organizations
such as Pacificwild.org, Standingrock.org and pull-together.ca with our
“causes” shirts, see our SHOP

<—-We also have a retro fitted vintage trailer that we bring to events

with us to sell our goods out of! And now we have a mini bus that we sell out of too!!